Elizabeth Decker

Elizabeth Decker

Elizabeth Decker is a contemporary artist based in Austin, Texas. Her signature bold and brightly colored abstract faces & figures are emotional depictions of a story that invites further conversation. 

Decker is a self-trained, intuitive psychological portrait artist, influenced and affected by the internal and external conversations between herself and the world. Painting is a way to mediate an accumulation of emotions, thoughts, and ideas often reworking the piece until she can come to an acceptable resolution.  

The relationship of The Painter and The Paint is often therapeutic and the process of moving through day-to-day life will eventually lead to a piece of work, the “conclusion”, at least for the moment. The moment can change as can the painting. It’s not unusual for the artist to paint over that moment, creating a completely different painting, one without an attachment to the last. The result, whether it’s minimalist or multi-layered, is an invitation to engage in conversation.  Open up.  Share ideas. Swap stories and recognize that by doing so, we become a little bit closer through shared emotions connecting us to our humanity.

“We all have a story. I like to share mine. I’d love to hear yours.  It’s an equal partnership”.  e.decker

Elizabeth has exhibited in Texas, Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, London, Italy & France. She has been featured in Austin Woman Magazine, Art Alliance Austin, ArtSparks Texas, The Beach Reporter, Redondo Beach, CA, BDAA ACCESS-Spring 2021, London, Houston Voyager and Dallas Voyager among others.  Currently, you can listen to her story on the Podcast:  A Time To Thrill, Episode 9, Hosted by Bestselling Author, Aime Austin, UnMute Yourself with Declan, May 2021 & ThisIsh with Le Pels, Denmark, August 2023.

She is a member of IAA/USA (International Association of Arts) and Big Medium’s Artist Registry and is Represented by GDCA in Los Angeles.