Lu Meng

Lu meng

Self-taught artist LU MENG is living and working in Beijing, China. Before she completed her master degree in Publishing Studies from the University of Stirling in the UK, she used to be a documentary director working for China
Center Television. Early experience of learning Chinese Traditional Painting and Film-making training in Beijing Film Academy influenced some of her art perspectives. But conveying the fantasy world and the energy transform between different life forms mainly through acrylic Painting and digital art in surrealism way is from the willing in her heart. As a painter, her works are always concerned with life. Signed by LoupArt in UK and YIZHIWU in China, some of her works are recommended by IANGRRY, ART Hole, Mvibe Magazine Artmagazineium, The Purposeful Mayonnaise Journal. She
exhibited at Holy Art in London, the DAN CIC project in the UK, Occhi online exhibition, co-branding with Venture Pal. So far, some of her artworks are collected in China and in America. Her work is influenced by surrealism and automatism in early time, and then Gaia theory developed her cosmology. Marc Chagall and France Marc are her favorite artists, David Hockney、Gerhard Richter、Shara Hughes、Nicolas Party and Huang YuXing also inspire her.