Rebecca Lamona

Rebecca Lamona

Rebecca Lamona, (Italy, 1995) visual artist, lives and works in Berlin.

She was born in Abruzzo but grew up in the Marche, where she attended all schools up to the Academy.

She began studying art at an early age, and in high school she wanted to study restoration, where she met a teacher who got her interested in painting, so she enrolled at the academy. During her studies she had the opportunity to travel and learn about new cultures through Erasmus experiences. In 2017, she went Cettinje/Montenegnro for four months where she developed as an artist. Cettjinie was one of the places that impressed her the most during her travels, both because of the landscapes and the way she had to relate to the people. The silence and the state of time, which seemed to be constantly blocked, led her to develop a work entitled “Tracce”.

2018 was a complex year, because it was the year she would have graduated with her Bachelor’s degree, but she didn’t know if she should move to another city to do a Master’s degree in painting, or if she should take a completely different path. To clear her head, she decided to take part in a workshop to be held in Caramnico Terme, in an unconventional monastery. Lamona lived there for eight days, completely immersed in the mountains and together with her colleagues. Caramanico appeared to her as a place enchanted and at the same time steeped in history, but thanks to this experience she realised that she wanted to continue her Master’s degree in painting and her artistic research. That same year, she enrolled in the Master’s programme in painting and wrote her three-year thesis in parallel.

During her Master’s studies, Lamona was able to exhibit in several galleries, including the Gallery of Art in Rome and the Art Luxury Gallery in Milan. Her works were also published in several art magazines, the art magazine “AL-TIBA 9”, Albe Art Gallery and ArtMagazineium.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Macerata in 2020 with excellent grades and then went to Berlin to do an internship in an artist’s studio, which allowed her to develop her skills in the gallery. Since then she has lived and worked in Berlin.