Seeta Muller

Seeta Muller

“to focus not on the obvious but to represent the insignificant “

Gazing outside of a studio into the world beyond the glass and creating erratic visions with materials of artists inks and plant materials I try to create the glimpses of my time in the studio.

Representing the invisible and visible, what is left is something like field notes, fragments, and memories, of a time and a place, the space in between the” weeds” or the non spaces that we live with in our environment.
The inspiration for these impressions are within drawings and sculptures.
Over the years I have had an interest in the absent spaces and the process of making than rather the final decision , with experimenting with scent , textiles and paint.

In 2022 onwards I take the notion of “Textiles “ as they can furnish our pictures of the past, a cloth/fabric has the capacity to receive a human imprint and to contain memory, (the sweat and grind of everyday life and stains and imprint of this passage, the marks of lifes journey, the flashes of colour the wear and tear).
These impressions like that of the absent that alludes in a space and time as an artist I try expanded the field of textile sculpture, with memories within the concept of found fabrics.

“Stains of everyday life.”

The energy and properties of textiles can be particular to their capacity to ‘hold’ memory. They prompt our curiosity, as we reflect on the passage of life and life journey, and the fading remnant of a time and place captures in the object, a recollections , But also within my drawings I capture the space of absents with a sensory approach.
From the, repetitious, and intense act of wrapping and binding the secondhand fabric in my sculpture works in trying to forging a new visual and material language to drawings of insignificance, to explore of the exterior space in particular eye of formations that is ancient, in they are an action of field notes or