Para Beaming


Silke Wolff




“The teleportation of paranormal people is shown”



Some may remember the “Beam me up Scottie” phrase of Star Trek movies. This movement Wolff, a “star Trek fan”, discovered in her paranormal world.


Like known from Star Trek the people beam through space. This is possible, because they do not need air to breathe.


Some airports for beaming have already been established at often  frequented places. All that without money; in the paranormal Universe money does not exist.


Ones own living human is the most liked aim of beaming. To accompany oneself is highly attractive. More than any other occurrence, which can be experienced after death.


Wollf’s pictures and texts widen the minds of the recipients for this fantastical world. If they should enter it, they are prepared.



45cm x 30 cm

original print, acryl – aluminum, digital, drawing, photos, studies of drawing and design

Third of the 36 parted series from the cycle “Para“

Limited to 50 copies

50 disponibles