Supra Energeti, -te, -tos Emerging


Silke Wolff




“Contact creates personal, energetic copies”



Silke Wolff has noticed that energetic copies of her exist. Starting with her procreation, not only her souls, but also other Silke personalities.


Through the decades, with a huge amount of time spend, Wolff explored this phenomenon, maybe known as “the child within”.


Indeed, first there were intensive contacts to her own child – Silkes, who added a tremendous lot to her opinion of today.


Wolff has the opinion, that an energetic copy is created in the counterpart, when two people have contact, even if the contact is only volatile.


The Silkes do not want to stay there. With great pleasure they return to their “bio”, the living Silke Wolff, and spend their lifelike existence there.



45cm x 30 cm

original print, acryl – aluminum, digital, drawing, photos, studies of drawing and design

Fourth of the 30 parted series form the cycle “Supra”

Limited to 50 copies

50 disponibles