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Silke Wolff

"Silk pop art opens a metaphysical cosmos for You"

Silke Wolff

Joy, originality and audacity are related to the color yellow, the hallmark color that we will find in Silke Wolf´s work. In the same way we could describe her works, they are an explosion of colors and sensations, wich makes it impossible not to be attracted by the aura that surrounds these paintings.


Why painting as a means of expression?

I studied drawing and transportation (car), and product design at the best international University (Art Center college of design (Europe). So the tools for expression were there, when I was ready to go public with my metaphysical experiences. These astonishing perceptions I want to share.


If you could describe your work with 5 words or a single sentence, what would It be?

silk pop art opens a metaphysical cosmos for You.

Meta jungle
Silke Wolff

For many artists, there's a key moment in their life, that moment when they fell in love with art, when they saw something that motivated them to start, do you have one?

My first exhibition of all, in Wilhelm Hack Museum, Ludwigshafen, Germany.


For you, art is...

Art can widen one’s horizon.

Silke Wolff

What do you think of the art world?

The art world seems like wilde west to me. Everyting is possible, and the opposite too.


Do you dream of exhibiting in a specific place?

On ISS space station.


Has the pandemic had an impact on yur work? How was that time for you?

I composed and concepted a 15 song musical called “wide mind”. It is about the aura.

Silke Wolff

Where does your inspiration come from?

For my cycles “Meta”, “Supra” and “Para” my inspiration comes from my broad consciousness.


From your entire catalog, do you have a favorite piece?

Always the one I just work on. Next the one which sells. Third the one which widens one’s horizon and I learn about it.


How would you like to be remembered in the future?

As a diligent pop art, mediumistic, surreal female artist.

Silke Wolff




Silke proudly displays the pieces she makes, and always with a smile on her face. Her personality is reflected in each circular, curved, neon tone and overlapping shapes, because as they say: you create yourself as you are.




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