Hsieh Hsing Yi個人照


Since my childhood, I’ve always loved drawing and admired arts. After obtaining a BA in Philosophy and having worked in the literary industry for almost a decade, one day, I picked up the tools and started painting. It was as if a calling came upon me that my soul was awakened to abundance of inspiration and desire. My painting style is using stacking, layer by layer to enable dialogues with colors that show the emotion flow in the heart. Through the use of abstract techniques to create paintings with a transparent, borderless feel. The painting connotes philosophical imagery and spiritual healing enabling hearts to meet the world – for the painter and the viewers.


Solo exhibition:

2022《Journey of Soul》, Holin Café, Taipei

2023《Stardust Whispers》, Ju Semicolon Café, Taoyuan

2023《The Moment When Life Condenses》, Tzulai Café, Taipei

2024 《Traces of the Wind Blowing》, or coffee, Hsinchu 

Group exhibition:

2022《Silhouette of Art》, or bookstore, Hsinchu 

2023《A Feast of Modern Art》, M GALLERY, Taichung

2023《Cultural Diversity》, Kulturelle Vielfalt, Galerie 111, Zurich

2023《Find the Coordinates of Heart》, Mutix Studio, Taipei